How to level up in Demons Souls and start spending those souls

If you’re wondering how to level up in Demon’s Souls but can’t, then know exactly where you are in the game. we can explain all. You can’t actually level up until you complete a certain part of the game with the ability to level up in Demon’s Souls tied to a certain part of the story and particular character. So if you can’t do it yet and you’ve been trying to, it’s because you haven’t got far enough along in Demon’s Souls yet. So let’s take a look at when you can actually level up in Demon’s Souls.

How to level up in Demon’s Souls 

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Here’s the thing with leveling up in Demon’s Souls: you can’t actually do it until you’ve defeated the first proper boss, the Phalanx, in the opening Boletarian Palace level. To do that you have to work your way through the level, until you manage to open the big gate you see right at the beginning. You can then head in to face the first real boss of the game. The Vanguard you meet in the tutorial doesn’t count, as he’s meant to kill you (it is possible to defeat him but you’ll still die and be transported to the Nexus anyway).

Thing is, if you’ve never played a Souls game before and you don’t know where to go, you could easily clock several hours of play in the opening alone without ever getting near the area’s boss (it can easily be a couple of hours or more even if you do know where you’re going). So if you’re struggling to reach the Phalanx then we’ve got a full Demon’s Souls walkthrough here, but in the interests of time here’s the quick version: 

From the start, head up towards the castle and take the left path. Keep going around to the left, up the stairs, past the giant hole in the ground and through the door. Keep following this path until you get back outside, on the castle walls. You should see a fog door. It’s worth opening a short cut here just in case you die so head past the the fog door and make your way down a long series of stairs. Halfway down you’ll see a platform leading outside where you can cut two chains that will open up a shortcut at the bottom where you originally turned left at the beginning.

Now go back and head through the fog door. Keep going straight ahead and you’ll see stairs that lead up. Go through the fog door at the top where you’ll see a big wooden thing ahead. Attack the wood holding the boulders inside this structure so they roll out and kill the enemies ahead, and then keep going until you reach a bridge. There’ll be a red dragon here so time your run to avoid it and get over the bridge fast. Don’t stop. On the other side of the bridge keep going ahead until you go back inside and find a lever just inside the door. Pull the lever to trigger a cutscene that shows the big gate opening and then head down another set of stairs to the ground level. Pull the lever at the bottom to open a shortcut to the other side of where you started, and head through the fog door to defeat the Phalanx.

The trick with the Phalanx fight is to clear off the Hoplites (jelly blob monsters with shields) so you can get at the monster underneath. If you found any fire bombs or pine resin (which adds fire damage to weapons) use them now, as all the enemies here are weak to fire.

That’s a super fast run through that skips any warnings about enemies, or crucial picks ups, so be careful and maybe go back later to grab things you might have missed. 

Once the Phalanx is defeated you’ll be able to level up after you return to the Nexus and chat to a few people, so head to the back of the hall you defeated the Phalanx in and look for the archstone. Touch it once to claim the boss soul, and again to head back.

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Once you get back you’ll talk to the Maiden in Black who’ll tell you to speak to the Demon’s Souls Monumental. Once you have, you’ll be able to speak to the Maiden again and, finally, level up.

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