Halo Infinite is already playable in co-op thanks to modders

Halo Infinite is already playable in co-op thanks to the work of modders.

Just below, you can see one slice of Halo Infinite’s campaign, picking up from the very beginning of the game. As you can see for yourself, modders have managed to get two Master Chiefs playing the game at once, as two players take on hordes of Covenant solders side by side.

Next, there’s a big of open world gameplay for something different. This time, we can see two Master Chief’s briefly running around Halo Ring Zeta, slashing Brutes and Grunts alike with Energy Swords, as well as taking to a Warthog to run and gun down folks out in the open world of Halo Infinite.

There’s some debate online as to whether this is actually a mod, or leaked gameplay from Halo Infinite’s upcoming campaign co-op feature. Given that there haven’t been any public tests for the campaign co-op feature so far however, it’s looking like a safe bet that these “leaked” gameplay videos are actually the work of modders.

However, it won’t be long until the first public test for Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op is here. Earlier this month, 343 announced Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op would be going into beta the following month in July, and Halo Insiders could immediately sign up for the chance to take part in the closed test.

Right now, campaign co-op is slated to launch for Halo Infinite at some point in late August, last we heard from 343 back in April. The feature has already been delayed several times, with the original intended target being Season 2, but with the launch of that new season having come and gone in May, we’re onto the latest revised date for the campaign co-op.

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