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Nope review: “A thrilled Yup! for Jordan Peeles latest”

A black screen. Sounds from a sitcom: peppy line readings, canned laughter. Then… crashing objects, thumps and grunts. Screams rise sharply and stop abruptly. An image comes into focus: a blood-smeared chimp. It sits on a set amid human corpses. The APPLAUSE sign is lit but the banks of chairs …

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Jordan Peele on why Nopes called Nope

Jordan Peele has quickly become one of horror’s top-tier maestros – the filmmaker having terrified the world with both Get Out and Us, two unique spins on the genre. Now, Peele re-teams with Daniel Kaluuya on Nope, a movie that broadly centers on two ranch-owning siblings, OJ and Emerald Haywood, …

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