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Which OLED TV should you buy this Prime Day?

A few years ago, just before the new-gen consoles arrived, it really did feel like we’d turned over into a new level and quality of television tech and screen quality that was largely driven by LG’s OLED panels. The super-deep blacks and wonderful colors and contrasts, along with a whole …

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Should you buy a refurbished gaming PC?

The idea of buying a ‘refurbished’ variant of the best gaming PC– or any second-hand electronics, really – sounds inherently risky, doesn’t it? And yet, the global market for cheap gaming PCs and refurbished PCs, in particular, is growing rapidly, expected to reach a staggering eight billion dollars in total …

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There are benefits to NOT buying a gaming chair

At the moment, in line with social media trends especially, gaming chairs are all the rave. There are so many benefits to getting gaming chairs that people are always speaking about from comfort to aesthetic but what about the negatives? You don’t often hear about the downsides of gaming chairs. …

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