Targets massive PS5 restock may still be on the way

Target’s online PS5 restocks have been keenly anticipated for a while now, with rumors rife on social media for weeks. After some false starts over the last few days, however, we have been left disappointed with no drop once again. Still, both Best Buy (opens in new tab)and Gamestop (opens in new tab) pulled through last week with their in-store PS5 restocks, so we’d still recommend keeping a close eye out. 

Restock guru @Jake_Randall_YT  (opens in new tab)tweeted today that Target has been receiving shipments of 20 – 30 PS5 units, with possible restocks scheduled for last week potentially rolling over to the next few days. The restock guru has usually been very accurate regarding possible current-gen drops. However, they have also suggested that Target could be holding on to the inventory for an even bigger PS5 restock. Target’s last online round was in early March, and they seem to be the only retailer that does not require a subscription or membership to be able to purchase the current-gen console from them. Many console hunters have had luck heading in-store as well, so we wouldn’t count out a trip down to your local branch. 

Gamestop held an impromptu in-store PS5 resock on April 2, where they had both Digital and Disk versions of the console and bundles. This restock was exclusive to PowerUp Reward Pro members, which is not surprising. On April 1, Best Buy offered more PS5 restocks, and it wasn’t an April Fools trick. They held in-store restocks of the PS5 at selected stores, and you would have needed to use the app to see which store held stock. 

Lastly, if you haven’t already, do sign up for Sony’s invite-only. Sony had several invitations restocks last month, making it something you should consider if you’re still seeking the elusive console as you never know when you could receive that special email. 

Which PS5 should you buy?

The PS5 launch gave gamers the choice of two consoles, the Digital version and Disk version. Both consoles perform exactly the same. The specs on both the digital and disk version are AMD Zen 2-based CPU, the same 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit memory, and the same 825GB SSD.

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PS5 | check stock at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4 disks, making is easier for you to play any games you love from the pervious gen. If you’ve got a big selection of PS4 disks that you cant leave behind, then go for the Disk. 

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PS5 Digital | check stock at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This is a fully digital console, allowing you to download any game straight to your console via the PS Store. Perfect for those you who are not avid disk collectors.

Our PS5 restock top tips

1) Follow Social Media accounts 

Many accounts are dedicated to finding out all sorts of information on possible drops, locations and restock dates. Following them will put you ahead of the curve. 

2) Learn your retailers
Learn the patterns of your favourite retailers. Many of them have a system on how often they restock on items and when the next drop is likely. Amazon for example restock towards the end of the month. Make sure to bookmark them and check in regularly to see if they’ve posted any news on when the next possible drop is. 

3) Sign Up Sony Direct

If you’re feeling lucky, you can always sign up to the invite only way via Sony Direct. They have been regularly restocking and many people have found success this route. You never know you may get an email sooner than you think

Check for PS5 restocks

We’re rounding up all the latest PS5 deals on the best PS5 accessories, as well as all the latest Xbox Series X restock updates as well. 

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