Team Fortress 2 mods TF2 Classic and Open Fortress to return after being pulled almost a year ago

Two of Team Fortress 2’s most popular mods are returning after being pulled almost one year ago. 

The teams behind TF2 Classic and Open Fortress have explained in new blog posts that the pair of mods will once again be available to download. The mods were initially pulled back in September after Valve contacted the creators, requesting that they be taken down.

Hi all. We’ve just pushed out a blog post that goes in-depth about what’s happened in the past few months, and the effect it’s had on us. With this, we’ve also re-opened our downloads to the public.Please head over to our site for more information: 1, 2022

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Valve’s issue with TF2 Classic and Open Fortress is that they are based on leaked source code from 2008. But at the same time as requesting that the mods be removed, the company recognised the effort that went into their creation, as well as their popularity with Team Fortress 2 players, and asked their creators if they were interested in releasing them on Steam. 

Both the TF2 Classic and Open Fortress teams suspended downloads of the mods and expressed enthusiasm for Valve’s offer. But since then, neither has received a response from the Team Fortress 2 developer.  

In a blog post (opens in new tab), the developer of TF2 Classic explains that it contacted Valve on March 10, after not hearing from the company for six months. It made clear its plans to re-open downloads of the mod and asked Valve to re-affirm if it wanted to continue with the suspension. 

Having not heard back from the company, the team has decided to go ahead and make the mod available again. The Open Fortress team has done the same. In a statement on its website, the developer wrote, “We waited, thinking that they would eventually get back to us, but they never did. We have now taken it upon ourselves to bring the game back”. 

Whether or not the mods stay up is anyone’s guess, but their return could potentially prompt Valve to get the ball rolling and bring both TF2 Classic and Open Fortress to Steam. 

In other Team Fortress 2 news, Valve has publicly addressed the game’s bot issues after a community-led peaceful protest on social media, but fans’ feelings are mixed

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