Test your Marvel trivia knowledge against these Jeopardy champions

 Marvel trivia is a fun topic for fans everywhere, from friendly debates in local comic shops to one-upping your friends with obscure knowledge of characters and stories – and now, the Marvel trivia trend has made it all the way to Jeopardy with a whole category of Marvel Cinematic Universe trivia questions on the February 16 finale of the long-running game show’s National College Championship.

Do you have what it takes to answer Jeopardy’s MCU trivia questions? Here are the clues that were given:

  • Groot’s vocabulary in Guardians 2 is limited. This actor was given a script with translations, so his delivery could vary.
  • Captain Marvel gets some of her powers due to the Tesseract. Others, she has from an infusion of this alien race’s blood, thanks to Yon-Rogg.
  • Ant-Man is warned about getting too small in this subatomic microverse. He gets stuck there after his retrieval crew ‘Blips’.
  • The ARC reactor in Tony Stark’s chest had a core of this element, symbol Pd. Exposure to it would later poison him.
  • This Black Panther actor wanted T’Challa’s accent to be authentically African, so he spoke in a dialect based on South African Xhosa.

Most MCU fans worth their salt shouldn’t have much trouble answering those questions – Vin Diesel, Kree, Quantum Realm, Palladium, and the late Chadwick Boseman, of course – and the contestants on the episode of Jeopardy didn’t either, as the entire category was finished out with correct answers.

You can see the Marvel portion of the game here, in these two clips. First, the bulk of the category is finished in a rapid-fire series of correct answers:

And then the final question is also correctly answered:

Jeopardy airs nightly in the United States.

Speaking of your local comic shop, there’s no better place to get comics featuring characters including Groot, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and the rest who were highlighted by Jeopardy.

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