The Batman fans react on opening weekend: a “masterpiece” and the best comic book movie ever

The Batman is here – and fans on opening weekend are already falling over themselves to shower the movie with praise on social media.

Let’s start big. “10/10, best [comic book movie]” wrote one fan on Twitter (opens in new tab). “I can honestly say Robert Pattinson is my favourite live-action Batman.”

The overwhelmingly positive reactions don’t stop there. “No way around it. This movie is a masterpiece,” another remarked (opens in new tab). “The way Matt Reeves reels you in from the cinematography and hair raising music score from Michael Giacchino. The Batman is THE Batman movie.”

Journalist Richard Newby also put the spotlight (opens in new tab) on Giacchino’s soundtrack: “Michael Giacchino always been a GOAT but #TheBatman score might be his finest work. I mean people were talking about the music leaving the theater, which in my experience is a rarity.”

Elsewhere, those who have already seen The Batman made a point of focusing on Paul Dano’s performance as the Riddler.

The verdict? (opens in new tab) “Dano might be a better villain than [Heath Ledger’s Joker], need a second watch to confirm.” Another said (opens in new tab), “Paul Dano’s performance as the Riddler will go down in history.” One account felt similarly (opens in new tab), adding that, “Paul Dano is the best villain since Heath Ledger.”

Others praised the entire cast: “Robert Pattinson is now my favorite Batman,” a viewer wrote on Twitter (opens in new tab). “Zoë Kravitz is now my favorite Catwoman (I need that spinoff). Jeffrey Wright is fantastic. Paul Dano’s Riddler is up there with Heath Ledger’s Joker not even kidding.”

One simply put (opens in new tab): “The Batman = kino.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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