Pokemon Go 2022 roadmap kicks off with new raids, shinies, and New Year festivities

The Pokemon Go 2022 roadmap is beginning to unfurl, with developer Niantic teasing (opens in new tab) several events and bonuses to come at the start of the year.

A variety of shiny Pokemon will be available throughout January 2022 via research, raid, and spotlight challenges. In fact, all but two of the month’s 10 featured Pokemon (those being Genesect and Solosis) will occasionally spawn as shinies, so keep your eyes peeled. 

As ever, raids will be one of the best ways to chase down specific Pokemon. Here’s the raid schedule for January 2022:

  • Until January 7:  Five-star Kyurem (also featured in 6pm raid hour on January 5)
  • January 7 – January 15: Five-star Heatran (also featured in 6pm raid hour on January 12)
  • January 15 – January 24: Five-star Genesect (also featured in 6pm raid hour on January 19)
  • January 22 – February 1: Five-star Regice (also featured in 6pm raid hour on January 26)
  • Until January 7: Mega Abomasnow
  • January 7 – February 1: Mega Aerodactyl (its first appearance in Pokemon Go) 

You’ll also find specific Pokemon in the spotlight every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm local time, each with their own catch bonuses. Look for Solosis on January 4, Diglett on January 11, Plusle on January 18, and Minun on January 25. 

The next Pokemon Go Community Day (opens in new tab) is another roadmap highlight. The adorable Spheal will be featured come January 16, 2022, and if you raise it to a Walrein within two hours of the event ending, it will learn the Charged Attack Icicle Spear and the Fast Attack Powder Snow. 

Smaller events tied to the ongoing Season of Heritage, like Mountains of Power and a mystery event “inspired by the Kanto Power Plant,” will fill out the month. The Pokemon Go New Year’s celebration will also start at 4pm local time Friday, December 31 and run through 8pm local time on January 4, so as usual there isn’t much downtime in Pokemon Go’s future.

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