Here’s your first look at the newest Supe in The Boys season 3

The Boys season 3 has given us a first look at its newest Supe: Blue Hawk, played by Dynasty actor Nick Wechsler.

As part of its monthly round of in-universe ‘broadcasts’ on Vought News Network (opens in new tab), anchor Cameron Coleman revealed that Blue Hawk is a “patriotic” Supe who is the new spokesman for ‘For Freedom’, a new range of products from fictional company OurSheet. Yes, that includes toilet paper.

Alongside the news excerpt is a full look at Weschler in costume, which you can see below. Blue Hawk looks pretty similar to a motorcycle cop, complete with baton, or – dare we say it – something from Speed Racer. It’s not yet known how he’s going to factor in to the full series on Amazon.

Blue Hawk in The Boys season 3

(Image credit: Amazon)

He’s not the only new face hanging around Vought, however. The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden has joined the show as Crimson Countess, while there are two more arrivals in the shape of Supes Gunpowder and Supersonic.

Those hoping for more info on The Boys season 3 would do well to stick around for the remainder of the Vought News Network broadcast. It reveals that Black Noir is back on his feet and on a “return mission” after his recovery from an allergic reaction caused by Queen Maeve.

Homelander (Antony Starr) also appeared, addressing America from Vought Tower. In the speech, he said that he’s here for the nation at its time of need “and always will be.”

No release date yet for The Boys season 3 – but it has finished filming. While we wait, check out more of the best shows on Amazon Prime.  

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