GTA San Andreas Horseshoes locations in Las Venturas

GTA San Andreas Horseshoes could be considered a traditional symbol of luck, so it’s no surprise that these particular collectibles are dotted around the gambling capital Las Venturas. That connection is significant, as rounding up Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Horseshoes doesn’t just award you with cash but also improves your Luck stat significantly, meaning if you decide to play the various casino games then the odds of winning will be tipped in your favor. If you want to get lucky, then let us show you where to find all of the GTA San Andreas Horseshoes locations.

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GTA San Andreas Horseshoes locations

GTA San Andreas Horseshoes locations maps

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Mixed in with the bright lights of Las Venturas there await 50 GTA San Andreas Horseshoes collectibles. Finding them all gives you a nice cash reward, maximum Luck in the casinos to increase your winnings, and spawns the following weapons in front of The Four Dragons Casino:

  • M4
  • MP5
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Satchel Charges

Bear in mind that some of these horseshoes are in high places, and can only be reached by flying. If you want to collect all of them without cheating, completing the mission “Green Goo” will cause a jetpack to spawn next to your safe house at Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 1

Horseshoe 1: Under the Las Venturas sign next to the road.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 2

Horseshoe 2: On the inside of the fence, next to the warehouse.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 3

Horseshoe 3: Next to the C-shaped building.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 4

Horseshoe 4: Center of the circular courtyard.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 5

Horseshoe 5: Behind the Sumo building, across from Chuckup.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 6

Horseshoe 6: In one of the loading bays.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 7

Horseshoe 7: On top of the triangular building.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 8

Horseshoe 8: Under the freeway.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 9

Horseshoe 9: On the west side of the airport.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 10

Horseshoe 10: Between the airstrip and some shipping containers.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 11

Horseshoe 11: Northern end of the airfield.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 12

Horseshoe 12: On the roof of the casino.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 13

Horseshoe 13: On top of some shipping containers.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 14

Horseshoe 14: On top of a wall near a restaurant.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 15

Horseshoe 15: Near the door of a house.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 16

Horseshoe 16: In a window ledge on top of the house.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 17

Horseshoe 17: In the swimming pool.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 18

Horseshoe 18: In the tennis courts.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 19

Horseshoe 19: Near the garages.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 20

Horseshoe 20: Next to the base of the billboards.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 21

Horseshoe 21: On the very top of the skyscraper.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 22

Horseshoe 22: In a walled off area on the ground level.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 23

Horseshoe 23: On the roof of the building near the power lines.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 24

Horseshoe 24: By the green fence near the motel.

GTA San Andreas Horseshoe 25

Horseshoe 25: On the upper level of one of the motels.

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