Netflix’s new #1 movie is a surprise Halle Berry thriller from a decade ago

Netflix has a new #1 movie – and it’s given a new lease of life to an overlooked thriller.

The Call, a 2013 thriller starring Halle Berry as an emergency operator dealing with the kidnapping of a teenage girl, is currently the most-watched movie on Netflix in the US.

In response to the news, Berry said on Twitter (opens in new tab), “….so ‘The Call’ is the No. 1 movie on @Netflix right now, nearly 10 years after its release. Are y’all OK?”

The Call was a modest success at the box office upon its release, garnering just shy of $70m. The critics were similarly cool on the release. It’s at 44% – officially ‘Rotten’ – on movie aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, though it fared a little better with audiences at 65%.

That popularity, seemingly, has continued to grow over the years. Those who came to the movie late have even being sharing their reactions on social media.

“The Call on Netflix was a phenomenally made movie with a shitty ending,” lamented one viewer (opens in new tab). Another said (opens in new tab), “My god this is one of the scariest (in a thrilling sense) movies I’ve ever seen.”

One wrote, (opens in new tab) “I love that Netflix put The Call on their platform, I forgot how amazing this movie is.” Hilariously, some assumed (opens in new tab) it was “something new” – proving that Netflix can give a second chance on streaming to even some of the most forgotten movies.

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