The Chant channels cosmic horror and self improvement at a spiritual retreat gone very wrong

The Future Games Show Powered by Mana revealed a new gameplay trailer for upcoming PC and console title The Chant, a horror action adventure channeling cultism and cosmic horror as you fight to survive on an island taken over by the Gloom – a psychedelic dimension of terror that feeds off negative energy. 

Maybe not quite the spiritual getaway hero Jess Briars (played by The Quarry’s Siobhan Williams) was planning when she decided to attend the Prismic Science spiritual retreat, but as a great philosopher once said: ‘them’s the breaks’.

The Chant follows Jess as she tries to uncover the history behind the game’s location, Glory Island, and its history of weird cults preceding the Prismic Science way back into the 70s. If she can stay alive long enough, avoiding eldritch monsters, cultists and the depressing power of the Gloom, she might just have a chance to reverse the ritual that summoned it. As an alternate dimension that lives off negative energy, the Gloom amplifies and feeds on people’s worst fears and qualities, things like guilt, loss and resentment – anything you push down and hide, or try to avoid dealing with is food for the Gloom. 

To stay alive long enough, Jess will need to take advantage of everything she has to hand – crafting and managing resources, and even reaching deep inside herself to access supernatural abilities that can take on the Gloom at its own level. You’ll be able to increase three basic skills including Mind to protect against horror and panic, Body to deal with physical threats and Spirit to access your supernatural abilities. If you’re not fully prepared for the fight ahead, or get overwhelmed, you’ll panic and flee. 

There are six interconnected areas of Glory Island to ultimately explore, all controlled and sealed off by different negative emotions being used by the Gloom. As well as mastering your abilities, you’ll also have to meet various other members of the Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat – all trapped on the island and feeding the Gloom with their own personal brand of negativity. Some might help you, others fight, but like you, they’re all trying to survive in their own way. 

The Chant is currently set for a November 3 release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. You can check out Twitter for the latest updates and the official site for more info. And don’t forget to wishlist the game on Steam.  

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