The Dark Souls RPG book is being fixed and reissued after errors backlash

Following backlash surrounding errors with the original Dark Souls RPG book when it launched in March, Steamforged Games has promised to reprint and replace physical copies for customers. PDF files will also be reworked. However, these reprints mean that US pre-orders have been slightly delayed.

Issues arose shortly after the Dark Souls RPG game’s UK launch. As originally reported by Dicebreaker (opens in new tab), users took to Reddit to complain about issues ranging from gameplay inconsistencies to typos. These were present across both the standard $50 book and the $95 Collector’s Edition. 

Steamforged has now issued a full statement (opens in new tab) on its website that apologizes for the situation. “We want to make it clear that we take this matter extremely seriously,” the statement notes: “and therefore have decided the best course of action is to order reprints of the book, issuing replacement copies to those customers who have already bought or pre-ordered the Standard Edition and/or Collector’s Edition. The same applies for the PDF version we previously announced. Every customer who buys a copy of the printed rulebook will get a free PDF copy.” 

Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game Collector's Edition

(Image credit: Steamforged Games)

Steamforged’s Twitter account pointed out (opens in new tab) that users will not have to send the old book back. Rather, new books should be sent out . More specifically, Steamforged asks for patience as they “gather more detailed information regarding these reprints, the timescales involved, and how best to ensure we resolve this for each affected customer.”  

This will have a knock-on effect for the upcoming US launch in May. In a Twitter reply to its original statement, Steamforged observed that “the date will get pushed back unfortunately. This is one of the details we are working to get more details on for the next update on this.”

Originally unveiled in January, the Dark Souls RPG is based on systems used in Dungeons and Dragons books (albeit with tweaks to suit the setting). The game is due to receive a line of miniatures based on classic characters and enemies sometime later this year, but it’s unclear if these are still on course for a 2022 launch following the book’s issues.

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