The Elden Ring speedrunning record now sits at less than one hour

An Elden Ring player has finished the game in 59 minutes and 38 seconds.

In typical From Software style, Elden Ring presents a serious challenge. The average player should expect to spend upwards of 50 hours before seeing the end credits. Although we’ve had less than two weeks to get acquainted with the Lands Between, one speedrunner has already managed to beat the game in under one hour, setting the record for the fastest completion of the game so far. 

To get to the end of Elden Ring at all is an achievement, but to do so in 59 minutes and 38 seconds shows some serious skill and dedication to learning the ins and outs of the game. YouTube channel LilAggy (opens in new tab) shared a video that shows them pulling off the miraculous feat. Needless to say, it does contain spoilers, so if you’d rather find out what awaits you in the Lands Between for yourself, then you’re better off just taking their word for it.

Undoubtedly there will be countless speedrunners attempting to beat this record, but it remains to be seen if anyone will succeed in crossing Elden Ring’s finish line any faster.

Many players have had their progress in Elden Ring slowed thanks to the game’s first major boss, with barely half of PC players currently claiming victory over Godrick the Grafted.

If you’re currently adventuring in the Lands Between and need some help with the game’s bigger foes, check out our guide on Elden Ring boss tips and locations.

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