The Great War: Western Front is a new WW1 strategy game from former Command and Conquer devs

The Great War: Western Front aims to be the “definitive” strategy game depicting the First World War. Now, while that might sound like lofty goals, the studio has partnered with London’s Imperial War Museum to ensure it’s as historically accurate as possible, so it’s definitely starting strong. 

In development at Petroglyph Games – made up of industry vets including former Command and Conquer devs – and published by Frontier Foundry, The Great War: Western Front will let players take charge of the Western Front from the years 1914 to 1919. Of course, while Petroglyph Games strives for historical accuracy, there’s also the option to change the course of history with your decisions.

You can play as the Allies on the Central Powers in RTS battles, all the while spending time exploring the game’s turn-based strategic layer to ensure victory. 

To do this, you’ll play this strategic assault on the Western Front from two crucial viewpoints. Firstly, there’s the Field Commander, which utilizes dynamic RTS battles as you direct your troops, build trenches, and carry out assaults. Then you’ve also got the top-level Theatre Commander role, where you decide where to deploy troops and do the research to direct the grand strategy of your war efforts. 

Interestingly, everything you do will leave its mark on the Western Front physically, too, with the game featuring persistent battlegrounds, meaning when you return to an earlier site, you’ll see the damage you left behind.

The Great War: Western Front will drop sometime in 2023 on PC. You can wishlist it now on Steam (opens in new tab).

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