The Last of Us 2 mods prove that certain characters can be literally indestructible

A The Last of Us 2 YouTuber is putting the characters through their paces as they test how indestructible they are with the use of mods. 

YouTuber Speclizer (opens in new tab) has shared a new video where, with the use of various mods, they attempt to kill characters during parts of the game when they are meant to survive. If you are yet to play The Last of Us 2 and don’t want to be spoiled, we suggest you don’t watch the video below and come back to this story once you’ve finished the game. 

As demonstrated in Speclizer’s video, it turns out it is impossible to kill Abby during one of the final and most gut wrenching segments of The Last of Us 2. Despite using a mod to give Ellie weapons such as a gun and an axe, all attempts to take out Abby during this scene are in vain. As fans will already know, neither Ellie or Abby is meant to die during their confrontation in Santa Barbara as Abby and Lev are supposed to escape the Rattlers on a boat together and Ellie is supposed to return to an empty home back in Jackson.

It isn’t only Abby that has to deal with the relentless attempts at murder from Speclizer though, as they also try the same technique during other moments of the game including the scene where Ellie finds Joel in the basement, Abby chases after Tommy with a sniper, and Ellie and Abby are chasing each other in the theatre. For that last, you still can’t kill Ellie – again, due to story reasons – but you can give her some nasty burns with a flame thrower. 

One of Speclizer’s experiments in this video did turn out successful though – sort of. Whilst playing as Ellie, the YouTuber attempts to take out both Owen and Mel in the Seattle aquarium, which they do successfully. However, as shown in the video, the scene just resets once you trigger the cutscene and the pair act like nothing happened. Also featured in the video is Ellie prematurely killing Whitney (the girl in the hospital with the PS Vita) who then goes on to not appear in the cutscene, so it looks like Ellie is fighting a ghost in this part of the game. 

Speaking of the sniper scene, find out how the Tommy chase scene was made from a The Last of Us 2 designer. 

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