The Mighty get a new home at Image Comics

Peter J. Tomasi, Keith Champagne, Chris Samnee, and Peter Snejbjerg’s superhero story The Mighty will be newly published by Image Comics this September. The story was originally published by Dark Horse as a 12-issue series and then collected in one volume in 2014. 

The new Image collection features a new cover by Dave Johnson and contains all 12 original issues but three “rare” eight-pages stories along with “behind-the-scenes” sketches and scripts.

“Some books simply never get a chance to find an audience in such a crowded marketplace, and The Mighty, in my opinion, was one of those books, so we’re really excited that Image has stepped up to produce this new edition,” says Tomasi in Image’s announcement. “A lot of heart and care went into its production, and readers will be able to eyeball the wonderful artwork and color by Chris Samnee, Peter Snejbjerg, John Kalisz, and, of course, the amazing new cover by Dave Johnson.”

According to the story’s original description, the world’s only superhero Alpha One is seen as a savior and a symbol of hope for all of mankind, but when police captain Gabriel Cole gets close enough to the superhero and the mystery behind Alpha One’s public origin, he discovers the might not be as altruistic as he appears and his plans to create a utopia are not what the seem. 

In other, shorter words, The Mighty looks at what would happen if Superman wasn’t a very good person. 

The Mighty cover by Dave Johnson

The Mighty cover by Dave Johnson (Image credit: Image Comics)

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“I’ve always felt The Mighty was a bit ahead of its time and it remains firmly in place on the Mount Rushmore of projects I’m most proud of,” Champagne adds. “Working with my great friend, Peter Tomasi, to build this world and tell a story about these characters; to see Peter Snejberg bring that world to life visually, then have my mind blown even further by Chris Samnee when he picked up the artistic reins, with the chef’s kiss of Rob Leigh, John Kalisz, and Dave Johnson… as a writer, it doesn’t get much more satisfying. 

“I’m grateful to Image for collecting this book in its MIGHTIEST edition and for introducing this thriller to a whole new audience. Maybe Peter and I will finally tell the next story set in this world; all the clues are there as to what the future holds for Gabriel Cole and Alpha-One, but no one will ever see it coming.”

The Mighty trade paperback will go on sale Wednesday, September 28 in comic book shops and digital platforms and in bookstores on Tuesday, October 4.

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