The PS5 SSD everyone has been waiting for – pre-order the Samsung 980 Pro with heatsink now

The PS5 SSD that everyone has been waiting for, in its fullest form, has finally arrived on the shelves. You can now pre-order the Samsung 980 PRO SSD with its own heatsink from Samsung (opens in new tab) and Newegg (opens in new tab) today!

Well, there is a catch: as today is the drive’s launch day, some retailers are a bit slow off the mark with actual pre-order buttons, but the listings are live, and it’s time to get in position and hopefully bag yourself what is probably going to be all the premium PS5 SSD you need. We’re currently seeing Samsung 980 PRO with heatsink pre-orders live at Samsung and Newegg, so we’d recommend jumping in there first.

The Newegg page states a release date of November 12th, but at least you can grab yours now, while pages at Amazon (opens in new tab) and Best Buy (opens in new tab) are live but just waiting for the buttons to go live. Wherever you prefer to shop, it’s well worth lining them all up and ensuring you’re ready to pounce when they become live properly.

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Samsung 980 PRO SSD w/ Heatsink | $249.99 at Samsung (ships by Nov 22nd) (opens in new tab)
The PS5 SSD a lot of folks have been waiting for: get the best in the business with its own heatsink – so no need for DIY – and ensure you have the right tools for the job.
The SSD also has listing pages at: Amazon (opens in new tab) | Newegg (opens in new tab) | Best Buy (opens in new tab)

The new Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink model will offer the same requisite performance as the original model, with a maximum read speed of up to 7000 MB/s and write speeds of 5100 MB/s. It really is blindingly quick and was many folks’ early picks for what would eventually be the best PS5 SSD going.

We hope to see the 980 PRO with and without its heatsink among the upcoming Black Friday PS5 SSD deals, such will be the desire from players to take advantage of the storage slot in the console. In fact, along with the Black Friday PS5 headset deals (opens in new tab), we think they will be the most sought-after accessories this year.

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And speaking of sales season: it’s nearly here. Keep abreast of the Black Friday PS5 deals for potential restocks, and also check out and prepare for the Black Friday PS5 TV deals, and Black Friday PS5 monitor deals to ensure you have the best display for your machine.

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