This Elden Ring pro conquered the game without running, jumping, rolling, or horseback riding

One ridiculously talented Elden Ring player has conquered the game without using any rolling, jumping, running, or horseback riding. 

YouTuber Iron Pineapple (opens in new tab) took things to the next level by playing the entirety of the game while over the maximum equip load. Being overloaded means that you simply can’t roll, run, jump, or otherwise use your character’s physical prowess to get along. It also means that your stamina regeneration is pretty much useless.  

To stack the odds even further against their favor, Iron Pineapple made the decision not to rely on their horse to get around, which would have offered some kind of reprieve from their limited movement. Instead, the skilled Elden Ring player simply chose to walk from point A to B and everywhere else in the Lands Between. 

Of course, when you’re no longer able to get around like other Tarnished, that presents quite the host of issues, as you’ll see in the video. It means there’s no easy way to scale smaller walls, jump from place to place, or otherwise traverse world beyond trudging through its dangerous surfaces. This forced Iron Pineapple to be crafty, which made for some very entertaining gameplay. Only legends at work here.

Elden Ring players have more than proven their mettle since the game’s debut. Recently, Iron Pineapple finished the game without dealing a speck of damage. Before that, they beat the game at level one. Elsewhere, YouTuber InfernoPlus beat the Tree Sentinel boss with their back turned

Players are finding all kinds of inventive ways to make Elden Ring more difficult (as if it needs it), and the more they work at it, the more fun it is to watch…even if, like this current run, it seems almost pointlessly self-punishing.

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