This Super Smash Bros Ultimate clip is the most disrespectful play youve ever seen

A Super Smash Bros Ultimate clip is going viral as a result of the sheer disrespect on display.

The clip, from Twitter user imonly5feet, shows The Legend of Zelda’s Ganondorf fighting against Steve from Minecraft in his Enderman costume. Unfortunately for Link’s greatest foe, things are going pretty badly even at the start of the clip, as the character struggles for a foothold in the fight while Steve keeps him at arms’ length.

I’d sell my switch if this ever happened to me 3, 2021

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While Ganondorf hangs from the ledge at the left of the screen, Steve sets up a TNT trap that he detonates almost as soon as his opponent makes it back into the stage. In the chaos, Ganondorf is quickly stunned for several seconds, giving Steve enough time to build a giant letter F – referencing the famous Call of Duty meme – in the middle of the stage before sending his foe flying to claim his first stock.

While some players might quit the match in the face of that kind of disrespect, imonly5feet took things a step further, captioning the clip saying that “I’d sell my Switch if this ever happened to me”. Other fans have shared that sentiment, calling out the cold-hearted nature of the move and suggesting that they’d never play the game again if they were faced with a similar level of disrespect.

It’s been a busy day for Smash fans, as Kingdom Hearts’ Sora was confirmed as the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter. Kingdom Hearts fans should be pretty happy too, as Nintendo confirmed that three of the series’ entries will be coming to Nintendo Switch as cloud versions in the near future.

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