This upcoming restaurant sim is really an excuse to listen to heaps of food ASMR

A developer is making a restaurant simulation game that’s essentially just an excuse to listen to oodles of food ASMR.

The appropriately named ASMR Food Experience has been unveiled for a Steam release at some point in the future, though you can put it on your wish lists already. You’ll be running a cosy restaurant and keeping busy with the day-to-day chores of deliveries, cleaning, taking care of the herbarium, and keeping the restaurant spick and span. Really, though, keeping on top of your tasks is mainly an excuse to take in the variety of sounds on offer. 

You can catch a glimpse of what ASMR Food Experience is all about in the trailer below, though some of the sounds you’ll notice are quite soothing – the noises that come from an opening door brushing against wind chimes or water filling a glass are relaxing, though we can’t say the same about someone cutting a tomato or slurping down some food. Ick.

When you’re not chopping squishy foods, you can also furnish your restaurant to your heart’s content. Developer Gameparic says you can decorate walls, change tables, and arrange matching accessories inside and outside in styles inspired by Asia, the Mediterranean, and more. 

If this all sounds like your kind of thing, you can find ASMR Food Experience on Steam (opens in new tab).

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