Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmet collectibles location guide

Keep an eye out for the Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmets scattered throughout the levels of the Titanfall 2 story mode. There are 46 of them in total, meaning you’ll have to make a fair number of detours from your mission objectives to exit your Titan buddy, BT, and use your jump-pack to reach a some bits of hidden headgear. From the gauntlet of the tutorial, to the tense finale of the Titanfall 2 story, we’ll have you adding the Off the Beaten Path, Collector, and Every Nook and Cranny trophies/achievements to your virtual award cabinet in no time by explaining all the Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmet collectibles locations.

There are spoilers ahead, so take care if this is your first time playing the story mode! 

Mission – The Pilot’s Gauntlet

Pilot helmet #1

The first pilot helmet can be found in the timed gauntlet at the end of the tutorial section. You’ll find the collectible in the final chamber of the gauntlet. First, take out the very last holographic soldier stood on the highest plinth, do a double-jump, hit a wall run then jump onto the platform he was stood on. Across the room you’ll see a blue-tinged helmet – jump across to grab it and begin your collection.

Mission – BT 7274

Pilot helmet #2

The second pilot helmet, and the first of the BT 7274 mission, can be found within the first five minutes of the level. Follow the path set up by the walls lit with golden light until you arrive at a destroyed escape pod. Just outside the pod you’ll find your second pilot helmet just waiting to be walked over and collected.

Pilot helmet #3

The next helmet in this mission can be located on your trip to find the second power core for BT. Once you’ve collected the big green battery, you’ll drop through the remains of the ship and slide down a short hill. At the bottom you’ll see a helmet floating on a platform across a canyon. To reach it, double-jump, wall-run off the scrap metal sticking out of the wall and jump to reach the collectible.

Mission – Blood and Rust

Pilot helmet #4

The fourth helmet is very well hidden, and can be found after your first big fight with a bunch of enemy Titans. Once they’re defeated, walk into the storm drains, turn right at the body where you acquire the Tone loadout and stop a few clicks into the tunnel. You’ll see a pipe to your right. Disembark from BT, climb the pipe and follow it around until you can drop down onto some crates. You’ll find helmet number four floating by a pilot corpse.

Pilot helmet #5

Not long after collecting the last helmet, you’ll find yourself in a large chamber where two smaller Titans attack. Once they’re toast, jump out onto the platform to the right of where you entered, head up the stairs to your left and jump up onto the pair of pipes directly in front of you. Swing round and you’ll see a pilot helmet floating above the nearest of the two large cylindrical tanks. Double-jump up and the collectible is yours.

Pilot helmet #6

Shortly after BT tells you there are friendly forces nearby, you’ll see a pair of pipes lit with an amber light above the numbers ‘07’ – follow these pipes into the wall, where a set of friendlies will make contact. Now turn left and you’ll see a platform across the room. Jump onto the pipe beside you then double-jump to reach the next pilot helmet.

Pilot helmet #7

The first genuinely tricky pilot helmet can be found after the initial firefight where the Militia and the IMC are fighting across a large pool of toxic waste – you’ll know it as the raised area where the IMC are shooting you from, which has lots of vehicles on it. Once you’ve cleared out the initial wave of soldiers and bots, head through the doorway that’s now open and immediately turn left.

You’ll see the helmet at the far end of a waste filled chamber. To reach it, hit a double-jump and wall-run along the closest wall to your left. Don’t jump off the wall, let the wall-run naturally take you off the edge, now turn in mid-air to your left, boost across to the far left wall, hit a wall-run then double-jump to reach the pipe with the helmet.

Pilot helmet #8

The next pilot helmet is very easy to miss – once you open a doorway with a green switch (next to a big sign saying ‘Zone B5’), look up and you’ll see the helmet on a high walkway.

To reach it, jump onto the large yellow pipes, turn 180-degrees and wall-run to the pipe across the room. Now double-jump back onto the wall you just wall ran, wall-run again, then quickly jump away towards the platform, then jump again to reach it. The helmet can be found atop a railing.

Pilot helmet #9

In the large cylindrical room with the torrents of waste pouring down in the middle (found just after when you collected the last helmet), climb the two platforms to your left, turn 180-degrees and wall-run to the pipe/grate sticking out of the wall. Your view should now match the screenshot above – to reach that helmet, double-jump, wall-run along the yellow line then double-jump to reach it.

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