The Titanics victims haunt a new ship in the baffling trailer for Titanic 666

The trailer for The Asylum and Tubi’s latest oceanic adventure is here – and it’s just as bonkers as we thought.

Titanic 666 follows the passengers and crew aboard a new Titanic vessel that promises to pay homage its predecessor. But when the ship sails over the site of 1912 disaster, the passengers from the original Titanic return to wreak havoc on board. 

In the short trailer, an overly optimistic crew and its unsuspecting passengers, with some donning 1912-era costumes in celebration, embark on what they believe to be the first ‘successful’ version of the Titanic’s original voyage. Their cruise is cut short, however, by the sudden appearance of demon-zombie hybrids foaming at the mouth while donning Victorian garb. Could the cause of the original disaster be something more sinister than an iceberg? Was something evil lurking deep within the ship? We’ll just have to watch and find out.

AnnaLynne McCord, known for indie horror Excision and The CW’s 90210, stars alongside Keesha Sharp, Lydia Hearst, and Jamie Bamber. Michael J. Chen, Jhey Castles, Kendall Chappell, Derek Yates, Givoannie Espiritu, and Joseph Gatt also star.

The film is a joint venture between Tubi and The Asylum, the production company best known for their wildly popular mockbuster series Sharknado, and is directed by Rise of the Zombies helmer Nick Lyon.

Titanic 666 sets sail April 15, on the 110th anniversary of the Titanic disaster. For more, check out our list of upcoming movies in 2022 or scare yourself silly with our list of the 30 best horror movies of all time.

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