TRVE KVLT exclusive sets the tone for IDW horror-comedy

IDW Publishing announced nine new, original comic series last month, in an initiative that kicks off in July with Scott Snyder’s Dark Spaces. In August, the publisher will launch TRVE KVLT, a supernatural spin on Kevin Smith’s Clerks with a cultish twist. Newsarama readers get the first look at the five-issue miniseries, written by Scott Bryan Wilson, illustrated by Liana Kangas, colored by Gab Contreras, and lettered by DC Hopkins. 

Characters stand back to back on an alternative cover for TRVE KVLT. Art by Maria Llovet.

Alternate cover for TRVE KVLT #1. Art by Maria Llovet. (Image credit: IDW Publishing)

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TRVE KVLT is a horror-comedy that follows down-and-out loser and full-time metalhead, Marty (aka Tarantula), who’s feeling especially burnt out after 15 years working for local fast food franchise Burger Lord. He makes a last-ditch attempt at earning cash, and lands in the hottest possible water: a satanic death cult. Worse yet, Marty also drags in his new coworker, Alison, whose personality could not be more different.

“I had an idea for a project set in the world of fast food that had supernatural/satanic elements,” Wilson says in a statement. “Liana [Kangas] and I bonded over our time in the trenches working fast food and got more and more excited about building the world of Burger Lord. We saw that our excitement for the subject matter resonated with fans, too. It seems like everybody has, or has had, a terrible job with an incompetent boss that they hated. We’re so thrilled to team up with IDW to get this to a wider audience!”

A man lays on the pavement in front of a car on the cover of TRVE KVLT. Art by Fabian Lelay and Lizard.

A man lays on the pavement in front of a car on the cover of TRVE KVLT. Art by Fabian Lelay and Lizard. (Image credit: IDW Publishing)

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“I remember a time when I scoured the comic shelves for any new releases that resembled my favorite movies,” adds Kangas. “While I can’t say that TRVE KVLT is exactly like any movie you’ve seen, if you love the Coen Brothers, Pulp Fiction, and maybe a little bit of Ryan Reynolds or Good Burger humor, this is the book for you.”

TRVE KVLT initially hit Kickstarter as a four-issue limited series in September 2020 and raised more than $22,000 through the crowdfunding site. Since then, it’s steadily gained popularity, and the IDW release – including an extra issue – will bolster the series even more.

“The story gained a lot of loyal supporters since the Kickstarter project,” says colorist Gab Contreras. “Fans have even been creating artwork and cosplay based on the series! It’s really amazing. I’m excited for the opportunity to meet some of our fans in person at future events.”

A Black woman walks to her car at night in TRVE KVLT. Art by Liana Kangas and Gab Contreras.

A Black woman walks to her car at night in TRVE KVLT. Art by Liana Kangas and Gab Contreras. (Image credit: IDW Publishing)

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IDW Editor Chase Marotz praises the comic, saying, “TRVE KVLT is the comic I’ve been looking for since I first started reading comics. Wickedly funny, brutally honest, and with a true love for its beautifully weird and damaged cast of characters wrapped up in a heavy metal heist story. Scott and Liana haven’t just created a tightly woven satanic thrill ride, but a whole crew of people you’ll want to spend time with. Put on a Winger cassette, grab a large soda, and join us for the fun.”

TRVE KVLT #1 will be released with three variant covers by Liana Kangas and Gab Contreras, Maria Llovet, and Fabian Lelay with colorist Lizard. For release date and additional info, visit your local comic book store.

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