Ukraine calls on PlayStation and Xbox to temporarily ban accounts in Russia and Belarus

The Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister has called on PlayStation and Xbox to temporarily suspend operations and sales in Russia and Belarus.

Earlier today, Ukraine Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov published the statement seen just below to his Twitter account. The statement calls on both PlayStation and Xbox to “temporarily block all Russian and Belarusian accounts,” as well as temporarily ban all Russian and Belarus-based esports teams from competing in any events.

@Xbox @PlayStationYou are definitely aware of what is happening in Ukraine right now. Russia declare war not for Ukraine but for all civilized world. If you support human values, you should live the Russian market! 2, 2022

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Finally, Fedorov calls on international esports tournaments to cancel any future events planning to be held in either Belarus or Russia. Now that the current Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, who also doubles as the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, has made these calls, it remains to be seen how both Sony and Microsoft respond.

Game developers around the world have been speaking out in support of Ukraine, since forces from Russia and Belarus invaded the eastern European country last week. In fact, one studio is even bundling together indie games in an effort to raise money for the International Medical Corp and Voices of Children, two charities operating in Ukraine. 

Additionally, we spoke to game developers living in Ukraine, operating in the shadow of the Russian invasion. Studios like Frogwares and Vostok Games have temporarily halted work in the face of bombing, as the focus is now on staying safe and protecting their families. 

If you want to help the people of Ukraine, consider donating to The Ukrainian Red Cross (opens in new tab), which is providing vital aid on the ground; Doctors Without Borders (opens in new tab), which is working with local volunteers and healthcare professionals; and The Kyiv Independent (opens in new tab), a Ukraine-based English-language newspaper which is keeping the world informed on what’s happening on the ground.

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