Is Valheim on consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

Is Valheim coming to consoles like PS4, PS5 or Xbox? Almost a year after early access release, we still see the question pop up on forums every now and then, but usually without a promising answer. Nonetheless, there’s reason to believe that Valheim may become available on the PlayStation or Xbox in the future.

We’ll go over everything we know about a possible Valheim console edition below. How likely is it? And if it happens, will it be anytime soon? And of course: on which platforms is Valheim currently available?

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Where can you play Valheim? 

Right now, Valheim can only be found on Steam. It’s currently in early access, which is the category for when games are available to purchase and play, but with the caveat that the developer is still working on creating content for the game and it’s not completely finished. In fact, Valheim is expected to stay in early access for some time to come, as only one major update has been released so far. 

Is Valheim coming to consoles?

valheim console

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

Back in September, Henrik Tornqvist from Iron Gate spoke to GamesRadar+ about future plans for Valheim. He mentioned that a console version had been discussed, and the team sees it as an “option on the table”. However, nothing was said about a possible console release date or which generation of consoles, last-gen or new-gen, this would be. 

On the official Valheim FAQ page, the answer to the question “on which platforms will Valheim be released?” remains roughly the same as one year ago: it’s currently available on Windows and Linux through Steam only. The team is thinking of adding Mac compatibility, but no promises. As for a Valheim console release, this is “not something we’re considering at the moment.” Well, at least it’s not a “no”.

When would Valheim come to consoles?

valheim console

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

If (and note that this is a big ‘if’) Valheim comes to consoles, when might we expect it to happen? The short answer is: definitely not this year, and perhaps not the next one either. The reason is that the team seems fully focused on producing new content at the moment, especially the long-awaited Mistlands update.

Bear in mind that Valheim’s original roadmap got delayed, which puts more pressure on the team to come up with new stuff. As many Valheim players are asking for more updates, it’s unlikely that the developers would find the time to start working on a console port.

If you want to be the first to hear about any news surrounding Valheim, you should keep an eye on their Steam and Twitter pages. This is where the developers post about the updates they’re working on. Don’t expect to hear about a Valheim PlayStation or Xbox release anytime soon, but it can’t hurt to dream a little! 

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