Valheim devs reveal bear traps, fungi, and a new forge for the Mistlands update

The long-awaited Valheim Mistlands update continues to progress, and over the past few weeks the developers have been lifting the veil on a number of new additions to the game.

The biggest addition is probably the new forge, which was revealed in a blog post (opens in new tab) this week with a bit of concept art. The new crafting station will allow you to build Mistlands tier weapons, and as the devs explain, “a regular forge can only get you so far, and to battle what you’ll find in the Mistlands you’ll need something with… a little extra.”

The new crafting station looks substantially more advanced than the simple wood and stone building tables that have powered the existing Valheim tech tiers. We still don’t know much about what the Mistlands will entail, but this advanced forge seems to suggest we’ll be encountering some powerful magic.

Today’s blog also unveils a few bits of fungi you’ll be able to cook with.

Valheim's Mistland fungi

(Image credit: Iron Gate AB)

Earlier this month, developer Jonathan Smårs shared a clip of some new bear trap-style items in action. You can use them to slow down and deal heavy damage to monsters as big as trolls, but they’ll also kill you in a single snap.

Don’t these just look like so much fun? :D#valheim #gamedev #wipwednesday 17, 2022

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The Mistlands will be Valheim’s first major update, introducing a whole new biome that previously only existed as a placeholder in-game. There’s no clear indication of when it will launch just yet, but the devs have been upping the pace of teasers over the past few months – including the reveal of some kind of horrible spider thing.

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