Best Warzone TEC-9 loadout options for an unorthodox, varied SMG

The best Warzone TEC-9 loadout choices take what’s good about this punchy SMG and make it better in Call of Duty Warzone. The incredibly high rate of fire, easy mobility and great ADS speeds are as you’d expect with this type of gun, making it idea for a fast, close range style of play. Where things get interesting is the TEC-9 has multiple fire rate options, letting you chose between single-fire, burst-fire, and full auto. 

While these different firing options give you some interesting options, making the Warzone TEC-9 a fairly competitive option, it will struggle against class heavy hitters like the MP5 and MAC-10. That said, a good Warzone TEC-9 loadout will give you close, medium and all round options to play with so brose the options below and see what appeals to you. Whatever you decide there’s probably something you can use in the best Warzone TEC-9 loadouts we’re about to show you.

Best Warzone TEC-9 loadout for close-range

  • Muzzle: Full Auto Repeater
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Ammunition: STANAG 48 Rnd
  • Rear Grip: Airborne Elastic Wrap

The TEC-9 is an SMG, so you should definitely try out the close-range build to play to its strengths. This loadout works best within 10 meters, according to TrueGameData, so as long as you’ve got a mid to long-range weapon alongside the TEC-9, most of your bases will be covered. For the close-range TEC-9 loadout, start off by equipping the Full Auto Repeater Muzzle. One of this weapon’s quirks is that its default version is single-fire, which is tough to use in any situation, so the Full Auto Repeater allows the weapon to work like most SMGs in the game.

The Full Auto Repeater also grants position concealment, but make sure you don’t confuse that with sound suppression. Position concealment means you’ll still show up on the minimap when firing, but as soon as you stop shooting, the red dot disappears. This is an important distinction to make, because a regular unsuppressed weapon will reveal your location on the map for several seconds, even after you stop firing. What this means is that you gain the effects of a Flash Guard built into the Full Auto Repeater, which acts as a way to balance it since it isn’t fully suppressed.

Next up, you can skip a barrel since you’ll be using this one within 10 meters, and instead, go with the Tiger Team Spotlight Laser. This boosts your movement speed and aim walking movement speed, which is ideal in close quarters situations.

After that, we suggest going with the Raider Stock to improve your ADS firing move speed, your aim walking movement speed, and sprint to fire time. All of these bonuses will greatly improve your odds of winning gunfights up close, thanks to being light on your feet. 

And of course, make sure you equip the largest magazine size, in this case the STANAG 48 Rnd. One thing to note in this case is that you should go with the standard 48 round mags as opposed to the fast mags since the latter will negatively impact your ADS speeds, which you don’t want with a close-range build.

warzone tec-9

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Best Warzone TEC-9 loadout for mid-range

  • Muzzle: Burst Fire Repeater
  • Barrel: 6.7” Ranger
  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: STANAG 48 Rnd

Next, let’s touch on an unusual build, but one that works well if you’re a skilled player. The TEC-9 is one of the few examples of an SMG that works well at mid-range thanks to its semi auto fire types. For this build, we’ll swap over to the Burst Fire Repeater Muzzle, which is reminiscent of the M16 or AUG. This will help you remain accurate while engaging with enemies past 20 meters or so. 

Follow that up with the 6.7” Ranger Barrel, for improved bullet velocity, without penalties to recoil control. It might be tempting to use the 8.1” Task Force, but given how that attachment reduces recoil control, we’d advise sticking with the Ranger for those longer range battles.

Since this will be used at mid-range, we advise using an Optic, preferably something with less than 2x magnification. We like the Microflex LED, but go with whatever you’re comfortable with. This will allow you to easily line up your shots at range.

To improve your recoil control, use the Field Agent Grip Underbarrel. At range, you’ll need all the control you can get, so this attachment will serve you well. Finish off the build with the STANAG 48 Rnd Ammunition, once again.

You won’t be able to compete with an assault rifle with this build, but it’s something that preserves mobility, while still holding its own at mid-range. 

warzone tec-9

(Image credit: Activision)

Best all-around Warzone TEC-9 loadout 

  • Muzzle: Full Auto Repeater
  • Barrel: 4.9” Task Force
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Ammunition: STANAG 48 Rnd

The last Warzone TEC-9 loadout recommendation is one that is meant for many situations. This all-around build prioritizes practicality and movement, without penalizing other factors too much. Swap back over to the Full Auto Repeater, which is likely what almost everyone will use for this weapon since it’s the most practical. It also improves your sprint to fire time, which is important.

After that, we recommend the 4.9” Task Force Barrel since it gives you better damage range, bullet velocity, and strafe speed – all of which are excellent attributes. This attachment does hurt your recoil control, but if you use it within 20 meters, you shouldn’t feel the effects much. To balance things out, go back to the Tiger Team Spotlight Laser. Remember, this attachment helps boost your movement speed, complimenting your heavy barrel.

To further enhance your movement, stick with the Raider Stock. You’ll find this attachment great since it boosts your ADS firing move speed, your aim walking movement speed, and sprint to fire time. And finally, always use the STANAG 48 Rnd to ensure you’ve got plenty of ammo. 

When it comes to practicality, this is the build we’d recommend the most, as it can hold its own up close and even out to around 25 meters or so. Just make sure you bring a sniper or long-range assault rifle with you, as well. 

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