The X-Statix reunion youve been waiting two years for is coming soon as The X-Cellent

Michael Allred, Peter Milligan, and Laura Allred’s X-Statix return, X-Cellent, finally has a release date: February 2022. Originally announced in 2019 for a 2020 debut, X-Cellent was sidetracked by the COVID-19 pandemic but never fully counted out from eventual publication.

“The ol’ gang is back together again! Working with Peter Milligan is always a party,” Michael Allred says in the announcement. “The future is looking brighter for 2022 as we get to show the world how we’ve been playing with our X-Statix Marvel mutants and their new adversaries, The X-Cellent! Love these characters! Everyone come play with us!”

The X-Cellent is an antagonist superhero team introduced in the trio’s 2019 one-shot Giant-Size X-Statix #1 (opens in new tab) – the same issue where the X-Cellent ongoing series was announced.

X-Cellent #1

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Picking up from their early ’00s revamp of X-Force (opens in new tab) and into its own name with X-Statix (opens in new tab), X-Cellent continues what has been a long and strange story for this group of off-beat celebrity mutant superheroes. And while the X-Statix were celebrities in their day inside Marvel Comics, they’ve been succeeded by a new celebrity team: the aforementioned X-Cellent.

You might think this is a story where the good guys (X-Statix) somehow beat the new kids on the block (X-Cellent) and are triumphantly back in the spotlight, but you have to stop and think: this new series is called X-Cellent, not X-Statix. So it seems X-Cellent will be sticking around for awhile.

“I’m thoroughly X-Statix to be working with Mike and Laura Allred again,” Milligan said. “And it’s been truly x-cellent to discover that we’ve lost none of our alchemical fizz in conjuring up this new comic, this new title, this new beginning: The X-Cellent!”

X-Cellent #1 goes on sale in February 2022.

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