X-Terminators teams Wolverine, Jubilee, and Dazzler in a grindhouse-influenced new series

Dazzler, Jubilee, Wolverine, and Boom-Boom are the stars of X-Terminators, a new Marvel limited series that launches in July that the publisher says is influenced by grindhouse films and is a “chaotic ride through a dark corner of Marvel’s underworld.”

The five-issue limited series (now almost standard for Marvel) is written by Leah Williams (X-Factor, Trial of Magneto) and illustrated by Carlos Gómez (Amazing Spider-Man Beyond).

According to Marvel, when Wolverine, Jubilee, Boom-Boom, and Dazzler are kidnapped and put in elaborate death traps by a mysterious new army of enemies, what begins as a wild girls’ night out gets even crazier.

“What are three fierce mutants with the power to blow things up to do?”

Befitting its grindhouse influences, Marvel offers up a lot of adjectives to describe X-Terminators, including “hardcore,” “neon-fueled,” down-and-dirty” and says fans can expect plenty of “blood, sweat, and sweet revenge” with all the “light blasts, fireworks, time bombs, and brawling” could hope for.

X-Terminators #1

X-Terminators #1 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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“I’m excited about how gleefully transgressive this book is – it’s sexy, stupid, and chaotic,” Williams says in Marvel’s announcement. “One of my favorite moments in the making-of this book was [editor] Jordan [D. White] asking, ‘What do you think… Parental Advisory for this book? Or just T+?… I am leaning PA.'”

“I’m eager to be working on X-Terminators with Leah!” adds Gómez. “She’s an incredible writer and always delivers fun and engaging stories and this title is no exception! Did I mention it’s action-packed? Also, X-Men has been one of my favorite series and it’s always cool to be back in the X-Family!”

X-Terminators #1 (of 5) launches in July. Look for Marvel’s July 2022 solicitations soon on Newsarama. 

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