Walmart and Target are changing the Xbox Series X restock game

Finding an Xbox Series X restock is particularly difficult right now, but some recent developments from retailers like Walmart and Target are suggesting some changes to the way we hunt for stock in the future. While there are very few rumors of new drops this week, there is some hidden good news. 

Walmart (opens in new tab) has started offering Xbox Series X restocks via the All Access scheme, which means you can sign up for a line of credit and pay off your console in 24 monthly instalments of $34.99. It looks like there’s availability here, and considering there haven’t been too many Xbox Series X restock opportunities in recent weeks, this might be one of your most reliable options. 

We haven’t seen new Xbox Series X stock from Best Buy (opens in new tab), GameStop (opens in new tab), or Target (opens in new tab) in a while now. However, with more retailers moving towards in-store restocks, these stores may well be building up a bank of units to go directly onto the shelves instead. 

Target has already announced a major shift in its Xbox Series X restock strategy; instead of batch drops, the retailer will prioritize getting consoles onto physical shelves for in-store drops. That might spell the end of massive national restocks here, and with Best Buy and GameStop both also offering in-store drops over the last few weeks, it could be part of a wider trend. 

That’s not to say we wouldn’t keep an eye out for more online restocks here, we’re likely to see more units on the virtual shelves in the near future, it’s just a case of keeping a close eye on your favorite retailers. 

Amazon (opens in new tab), for example, has been offering surprise PS5 drops over the last few weeks and after a longer period of silence, we may well see more Xbox Series X restock opportunities here as well. 

Previous Xbox Series X restock dates

Xbox Series X restocks: hints and tips

Xbox Series X restocks can fly off the shelves in a matter of minutes, which is why it’s important to have a game plan going into any stock drop. We’ve been tracking these consoles since they were first released and have picked up a few handy tips and tricks over the last year.

1. Don’t give up on a stock drop

If at first you don’t succeed, refresh and refresh again. Xbox Series X restocks often land in waves, which means retailers will be adding new consoles to the shelves as they are being sold out. Keep refreshing the page if you land on a maintenance site or a ‘sold out’ message just to make sure you aren’t leaving too soon.

2. Sign in ahead of time

One of the most frustrating ways to lose out on an Xbox Series X restock is by losing your console at checkout. These units move quickly and if you don’t keep up you risk losing your cart to someone else who’s made it through checkout faster. Sign into your chosen retailers ahead of time and be sure to save your payment details for a faster transaction. 

3. Prioritize bundles

Bundles are increasingly being used to ward off scalpers, as the higher value packages don’t offer the value these resellers need to make their money. We’d recommend prioritizing bundles as they are far easier to get your hands on than a console by itself, and you can grab some of the best Xbox Series X accessories or best Xbox Series X games right from the off. 

4. Don’t pay more than MSRP

If you’re struggling to get your hands on a console, it’s easy to wander into the dark realms of the reseller sites. However, we’d strongly recommend you stick to trusted retailers. Not only will there always be another opportunity to pick up an Xbox Series X restock at its normal MSRP, but third party sites can be shady as well. 

Which Xbox should you buy?

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The fully fledged Xbox Series X is the flagship next generation console from Microsoft. This is the full experience will all the latest upgrades and a disc-drive so you can take advantage of often cheaper physical games as well.

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Xbox Series S ($299.99) | Check for deals at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Xbox Series S is a full $200 cheaper than the main console, so even though it’s not quite as powerful under the hood (and doesn’t offer the disc drive), you’re still getting plenty of value. You will need to pick up all your games virtually (and they won’t run in 4K) but this is the go-to if you’re just looking to take advantage of Game Pass for cheap.

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Check for Xbox Series X restock chances today

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