Xbox Series X restocks this week: all the retailers to check for new drops

Thursday is traditionally an excellent day to hunt for an Xbox Series X restock, and with Microsoft and GameStop already taking some tentative steps towards offering new drops this week things are looking steady. While there haven’t been as many rumors of Xbox Series X restocks at Walmart, Amazon, or Best Buy this week there’s enough movement out there to stay optimistic. 

That means it’s a little difficult to know where to start your hunt for an Xbox Series X restock this week. We’ve been tracking these consoles since that fateful launch day (and a little earlier, too, if you’re counting pre-orders), so we’ve fallen into the rhythm of each retailer’s Xbox Series X stock flow by now. 

You’ll find all the retailers you should be watching for new consoles just below. As always, though, be wary of price increases above $499 in marketplace listings and you’ll need to pull the trigger fairly quickly to jump on any Xbox Series X restocks you do surface. 

Xbox Series X restock at GameStop

GameStop logo

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GameStop (opens in new tab) has been running several online Xbox Series X restock events in the last few weeks, though offerings have been limited to fairly expensive bundles. Still, the retailer took note this week, with a slightly cheaper $650 package deal vastly improving on the previous $700 numbers. 

We’d thoroughly recommend staying plugged in here if you’re after extra Xbox Series X accessories like Game Pass and controllers. While a little pricier, these bundle drops have been holding their position on the shelves for much longer than the straight console.

Tips: stay tuned over the next few days for bundle options, sign up for PowerUp Rewards (opens in new tab)

Xbox Series X restock at Microsoft

Microsoft logo

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft (opens in new tab) has also been sending out those elusive emails this week. Those with a Microsoft account have been receiving invitations to purchase via an Xbox Series X bundle builder on the official site. However, invitations seem to be random and don’t guarantee you a console either. Keep an eye on your inbox to make sure you don’t miss the next wave.

Tips: check your inbox regularly for more invitational waves

Xbox Series X restock at Best Buy

Best Buy logo

(Image credit: Best Buy)

Similarly, Best Buy (opens in new tab)‘s two-weekly schedule has come up with the retailer previously offering stock on January 11. Contrary to Walmart, Best Buy doesn’t provide much warning, so this will be a case of keeping that tab on and staying in touch over the course of the next few days.

Tips: follow retailer closely for surprise restock

Xbox Series X restock at Walmart

Walmart logo

(Image credit: Walmart)

Walmart (opens in new tab) might be a sleeper hit this week. The retailer usually advertises its Xbox Series X restock plans ahead of time, and there have been no hints so far, but we’re two weeks out from the last Walmart Plus-only drop. Following Walmart’s previous timelines, that means a general sale wave could be launching at any point. We’d stay tuned for a sneak attack here today.

Tips: follow retailer closely for surprise restock today

Xbox Series X restock at Amazon

Amazon logo

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon (opens in new tab) has always felt a little random in its Xbox Series X restock opportunities and hasn’t held a drop in 2022 so far. It’s coming up to the end of January, though, and we do generally see one or two waves appearing here during the course of any given month. That means we’d recommend staying close; stock is often shifty here, hiding in the ‘See All Buying Options’ section. Just be careful around price increases – you should only be paying $499 for the console by itself. 

Tips: stay close and check ‘See All Buying Options’, watch out for price increases

Previous Xbox Series X restock dates

Xbox Series X restocks: hints and tips

To give you the best shot at landing a new console should Xbox Series X restocks kick off this week, we’ve rounded up everything we’ve learned about hitting those stock waves with as much power as possible just below.

1. Sign in ahead of time and save payment info
We’d recommend making accounts with the retailers above and ensuring that you stay signed in during the course of your search. That’s because when Xbox Series X restocks do land, they’re extremely quick. You’ll need all the time you can save to make sure you get to checkout. 

The fight’s not over once you’re at the checkout, though. We’d also suggest saving your payment and shipping information ahead of time. Consoles can be sniped from your cart if you take too long on the final step, so making it through in as few clicks as possible is the name of the game here.

2. Keep refreshing
As soon as you find a live Xbox Series X restock, you’ll be trying to add to cart. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll sail through first time. Sites often crash under the strain of all this attention, making checkout slow and cumbersome. Keep multiple tabs open and spinning to brute force your way through.

3. Don’t give up
It’s worth remembering that we do see Xbox Series X restocks pretty much every week. If you’re not successful in one, then, there’s no need to give up and head to reseller sites. These marketplaces will charge you far, far more than the going rate of the console – and have likely just sniped that unit from you at checkout anyway.

If you manage to speed through checkout in today’s Xbox Series X restock we’d recommend checking out the best Xbox Series X accessories and all the best Xbox Game Pass deals to get you started with your new console. Or, if you’re simply after a cheaper experience, take a look at everything you get for the Xbox Series S price.

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