Destiny 2 might be developing an animated adaptation

Destiny 2 looks set to expand into the realms of film and TV.

As first reported by TheGamePost (opens in new tab) yesterday on April 7, Bungie has listed a Senior Producer (opens in new tab) opening at Destiny Linear Media. The role’s key focus is to “produce projects that extend the franchise into new categories including TV, films, books, comics.”

“As a senior producer, you will work with creative leadership and external partners to ensure linear media projects are hitting milestones, staying on budget, and representing Destiny at the highest-quality bar,” the job listing continues, emphasizing how senior this producing role really is at Bungie.

Plenty think there’s reason to believe Destiny 2 is entering animated show territory. Earlier this year in January, Riot Games director of animated short films Derick Tsai revealed via LinkedIn (opens in new tab) that he’d started work as Head of Development in the Destiny Universe Transmedia at Bungie.

According to Tsai’s LinkedIn, he’s now “leading projects and telling stories that extend the Destiny IP into new mediums including: Film, TV, Animation, Books, Comics and Audio.” There’s speculation out there that Bungie is quietly developing a Destiny 2 animated show, given Tsai’s history working with such content for Riot Games.

Perhaps Bungie’s seen Riot Games’ success with Arcane over the past year, and decided it wants to venture into the same realm. Arcane was lauded by critics and fans alike when it launched in November 2021, bringing a brand new dimension to the extensive universe of League of Legends. The partnership between the Fortiche, the animation studio, and Riot Games, that the latter purchased a stake in the former.

Here’s why Arcane is the best possible introduction to the world of League of Legends.

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