Xbox will finally let you see secret achievements

Microsoft has revealed what to expect from the June Xbox update, which will improve patch downloads and (finally) let you see secret achievements.

Once the update lands, you’ll be able to select any achievement and choose the “reveal details” button to, well, reveal the details of that achievement, including its name, description, and Gamerscore. This feature will be available on Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, the Xbox apps for PC, Android, and iOS, and even the Windows Game Bar.

Developers usually mark some achievements as secret to prevent spoilers from showing up as you scroll through a game’s details, though there are any number or reasons for a given secret. Third-party sites like TrueAchievements (opens in new tab) were previously the only way to get the details on hidden achievements. Over on the Sony side, PS4 system update 4.0 introduced an option to reveal hidden trophies way back in 2016 – but even that was nearly a decade after trophies launched in the first place.

The June Xbox update also makes “improvements to the speed and reliability of detecting available updates, both in your collection and when you launch a game,” as the announcement (opens in new tab) explains. Hopefully this means I’ll never again have to ask my Xbox aloud why it didn’t download that 15 GB patch overnight.

Xbox also announced a host of new Game Pass additions including Assassin’s Creed Origins today, but the biggest news for June is going to come as part of the Xbox and Bethesda games showcase next week.

Want to do some achievement hunting? Dig into the best games on Xbox Game Pass.

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