Xbox and Bethesda games showcase slated for June

Xbox and Bethesda are putting on a games showcase in just over a month from now on June 12.

Earlier today on April 28, Xbox officially announced the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. In a collaboration between the parent and sub company, the two will show off their various games on June 12, with the showcase itself kicking off right around 10:00 PT/13:00 ET/18:00 BST.

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No prizes for guessing what one of the hottest games there might be. Earlier this year, Starfield director Todd Howard teased that we could likely expect a games showcase for the upcoming RPG later on in the year in Summer. Considering where this new showcase from Xbox and Bethesda falls, it’s hard not to speculate as to Starfield showing up.

Otherwise, perhaps we could finally see more of Arkane’s vampire shooter Redfall. You might recall the shooter was first shown off around the same time last year, during the all-digital E3 2021 event, but since then we’ve heard nothing whatsoever from the developer. It could well be time for the supernatural shooter to rear its head again, especially now that Deathloop has come to pass.

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