26 years after its original release, Quakes latest update gives it a suite of accessibility options

The enhanced edition of Quake has added accessibility options more than two decades after the original game’s release. 

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but in the case of the iconic first-person shooter Quake, it appears that you can. The enhanced version of the game, which boosts the visuals of the 90s classic, now comes with a suite of improved accessibility tools. 

The newly unveiled update adds “accessibility features to Quake so that the gameplay experience can be enjoyed by even more players”. Among the added features is the option for multiplayer text chat to be read aloud and the ability to change typefaces and menu backgrounds for improved legibility. 

The update also introduces three new levels to Horde Mode. Created by MachineGames, these are Relic, The Trial and The Tower. Additionally, the patch comes with quality of life improvements, including balance adjustments to Horde Mode and enhancements to the game’s multiplayer bots. There are also some minor bug fixes, as well as modding improvements for the PC version. 

This is the third major update for Quake since the launch of the enhanced version and is available to download on all platforms. You can find all the details for Quake Update 3 in the patch notes here (opens in new tab)

Bethesda has announced that QuakeCon 2022 will be an online-only event. The company hopes that an in-person event will take place in Texas in 2023.

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