A new Popeye game is being made by the team who made the Nintendo Switch Calculator

The developer behind the Nintendo Switch Calculator app is now working on a Popeye game. 

After the success of Calculator – which was released onto the Nintendo eShop earlier this year – as well as developer Sabec’s other video game exploits: Guitar (opens in new tab), Night Vision (opens in new tab), and Teddy Gangs (opens in new tab), the studio is now working on a Popeye video game adaptation. Yes, we were surprised too. 

As pointed out by Nintendo Life (opens in new tab), the Popeye game is already available to add to your wishlist on the Nintendo website (opens in new tab) and is due to release in just two days’ time on November 4, 2021. According to the game’s description, Popeye for the Nintendo Switch is a “modernized adaptation of the classic arcade game” and will also only set you back $12.99.

A quick look at the game’s screenshots shows that Popeye is set to be a 3D platformer of sorts. We also get a glimpse of all the characters you’d expect to see in a Popeye adaptation including Olive Oyl, Brutus, and the Sailor Man himself – plus all the spinach Popeye could want which will work as a collectible along the way.

If you’re more of a Calculator than a Popeye fan, we have some unexpected good news. Sabec’s Calculator isn’t the only calculating app on the Nintendo eShop. Battle Calculator is also a thing and it made its way onto the Australian Nintendo eShop a few months ago. This calculator app isn’t as simple as Calculator though as it has a competitive co-op mode that requires players to go against each other to complete sums.

Looking for something new to play? Take a look at our upcoming Switch games list for inspiration. 

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