A new Tales from the Borderlands game is launching in 2022

A new Tales from the Borderlands game is in development and launching in 2022, Gearbox and 2K have announced (opens in new tab).

Gearbox, which developed the main Borderlands series, is taking development duties in-house for the follow-up to Telltale’s 2014 Tales from the Borderlands. It’s unclear if any of the characters or story details from the original game will make it into this new installment, but Gearbox and 2K have confirmed it’ll be a “new adventure” with “new characters and new tales.”

There isn’t a trailer for the follow-up yet, but the studio and publisher did leave us with one very enticing teaser image.

Tales from the Borderlands

(Image credit: 2K)

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford announced the new Tales from the Borderlands during a panel at PAX East on Thursday, with a tweet from 2K following shortly thereafter. Pitchford said to watch out for a bigger announcement, hopefully with a trailer, this summer. He also revealed that the developers at Gearbox have been working on the follow-up in secret “for many years.”

The original Tales from the Borderlands series was developed by The Walking Dead studio Telltale Games, and it very much resembles the studio’s other work – not just in its art style but also its story-driven nature and episodic format. It’ll be interesting to see what elements of the original will be carried over into the new game now that it’s in the hands of Gearbox and not Telltale. 

Gearbox managed to keep anything from leaking ahead of the official announcement – a rarity in AAA games these days – so now that we’ve learned of the surprise follow-up, we only have to wait a little while before actually getting to play it.

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