Should you wait or go now in the Horizon Forbidden West embassy choice?

 Choosing to wait or go now in Horizon Forbidden West see you deciding between waiting for the Embassy, or going on to the Tenakth straight away. It seems like it has diplomatic weight behind it – the Tenakth tribespeople are supposed to be starting the Embassy, but they’ve yet to present themselves properly and things are getting tense as everyone waits for some sort of signal. Is it better to stay silent and let them emerge when they’re ready, or do you choose to go in and see if they need help, potentially winning them over? We’ll explain if you should wait or go now to the Embassy in Horizon Forbidden West.

Should you wait or go now in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West go now or wait choice

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The reality is this choice doesn’t matter, because it’s not a choice at all. We were uncertain at first too, but we can confirm Horizon Forbidden West doesn’t really do branching paths or divergent plots. It’s understandable not to realise this is the case, as Nozar and Studious Vuadis are suggesting in their dialogue that there’s real consequences to what you do, but there won’t be, or at least not consequences that you control.

Instead, this acts as a threshold point for the player, essentially confirming that they’re ready to start the next chapter of the game. The Tenakth Embassy and everything that follows isn’t going to happen until Aloy chooses “I’m going now”, so this is essentially the moment where you’re given a chance to do other side quests, explore and get better equipment before taking the next big quest and getting a chance to explore the area of No Man’s Land on the other side of the gate.

Without spoiling what follows, there will be some combat not long after choosing to pass this threshold point and selecting “I’m going now”, so if you feel you’ve been underleveled or could use better equipment, it’s worth choosing to wait, if only to scavenge better weapons and gain some more skills before committing to going out again. However, if you think that you’re ready to start exploring the perils of the Forbidden West properly and meet the Tenakth, choose to go now and you’ll start the next stage of the story quest.

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