Emily Blunt only wants to do A Quiet Place 3 if Cillian Murphy and John Krasinski are involved

A Quiet Place 3 has been rumored for a while, with director John Krasinski previously sharing some ideas he had for it

Now Emily Blunt has shared her two cents on the idea after working with her co-star Cillian Murphy on Oppenheimer recently. Speaking to Josh Horowitz on his latest episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the actor said they’ve spoken about the idea.

When asked about whether the intention is still to finish the trilogy with the Abbott family, Blunt replied: “Well Cillian and I were having a chat with John about it last night. We were sitting on a rooftop all together, drinking wine and [saying], ‘You know what would be great? Is if we keep this thing going’ [laughs].”

Blunt then added, more seriously: “I think it would have to be that we would all do it together. I don’t want it to be with a different director if we did it again.”

Her comments are interesting as it had seemed like Krasinski has handed over most of the reigns to the franchise since A Quiet Place 2. There’s an upcoming spin-off in the works from Michael Sarnoski called A Quiet Place: Day One. This is intended as a prequel to the first movie and stars Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn.

Given Blunt and Murphy’s performances in Oppenheimer though, we’d love to see the acting duo team up again. And based on the ending of A Quiet Place 2, we’d say there is plenty more ground to cover.

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