Austin Powers Mass Effect parody is weirdly good

If too many Mass Effect replays have left you tired of Commander Shepard’s tenure aboard the Normandy, perhaps parodical superspy Austin Powers could do a better job?

Youtuber eli_handle_b.wav has stitched together scenes from both Mike Myers’ and Bioware’s very different (but equally beloved) trilogies, replacing Shepard with the International Man of Mystery, and you can check the video out for yourself below. 

Things get off to a rocky start, with Commander Powers fleeing from various aliens and experiencing an elevator related mishap. A personal favourite moment is the recreation of the iconic hallway scene, although this time Powers is attempting to deal with the notoriously tricky handling of the Mako.

From that potentially unfortunate start, however, Powers seems to rediscover the more ‘shagadelic’ part of his personality, enjoying his time on board the Normandy by flirting with his fellow crewmates. Of course, if you prefer a Renegade approach to the Paragon option, there’s still the option to punch Khalisah if you particularly dislike their questions.

Overall, it’s a genuinely impressive fit, especially if you consider that the similarities between the two franchises are somewhat limited – Austin Powers is supposed to be parodying spy thrillers, not sci-fi RPGs. Elsewhere on the channel, eli_handle_b.wav has been stitching together more games with films and TV series – Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman from American Psycho heads to the Commonwealth in Fallout 4, while Walter White takes on the Combine in a pair of videos based on Half-Life 2.

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