Batman is back in Gotham, and back in Detective Comics (but with a schedule change)

DC’s long-running Detective Comics will be reverting back to a monthly release schedule in April – and Batman will once again return as the title’s solo star.

Detective Comics #1059 variant cover

Detective Comics #1059 variant cover (Image credit: Lee Bermejo (DC))

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The normally Batman-centric series switched to a weekly schedule with December 28’s Detective Comics #1046 (opens in new tab) for a 12-part storyline that will continue through March 22’s Detective Comics #1058.

Although most North American comic books have traditionally been published monthly, Detective Comics was one of the first titles to experiment with more frequent shipping, including as far back as the early ’70s. For readers, it means less wait time between installments of serialized stories like the current Detective Comics story; for publishers, releasing a popular title more frequently can mean higher sales. So when it works, it’s a win-win. 

Detective Comics #1059 cover

Detective Comics #1059 cover (Image credit: Ivan Reis/Danny Miki (DC))

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Detective Comics’ current weekly run titled ‘Shadows of the Bat’ began with the finale of the ‘Fear State’ event and features Batman’s crimefighting allies and protégés – known colloquially as the Bat-family – stepping up to fill his shoes after he leaves Gotham City.

With Detective Comics returning to a standard monthly schedule, Batman – who will return to Gotham for the finale of ‘Shadows of the Bat,’ will also be returning as the title’s lead character, taking on the Riddler (just in time for the villain’s star turn in the The Batman film) as he returns to Gotham on a wave of media popularity.

Detective Comics #1059 variant cover

Detective Comics #1059 variant cover (Image credit: Rodolfo Migliari (DC))

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Series writer Mariko Tamaki will continue as Detective Comics’ primary writer, although for issue #1059 she will be joined by “guest co-writer” Nadia Shammas. The issue will be drawn by veteran artist Ivan Reis with inker Danny Miki.

The issue will also include the first of a three-part serial called ‘Gotham Girl: Interrupted‘ by Sina Grace, David Lapham, and Trish Mulvihill. 

Detective Comics #1059 – the first issue back on the monthly schedule – goes on sale on April 26.

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