Batmans Detective Comics to run weekly beginning this winter, but with a lot less of Batman

DC’s long-running Detective Comics title will be picking up the pace after the December holidays, with new issues planned weekly for the foreseeable future. 

The title, which has been monthly or twice-monthly in recent memory, will begin coming out weekly with December 28’s Detective Comics #1046 – a coda to the current ‘Fear State’ crossover event.

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Newsarama has confirmed that DC’s Detective Comics title is planned to be a weekly release at least through late March 2022. 

A 12-part event titled ‘Shadows of the Bat’ will begin in January 4, 2022’s Detective Comics #1047, dealing with Batman’s decision to leave Gotham City and the vrious Bat-family characters who step up to fill the void.

The Detective Comics release schedule is picking up in part due to the main Batman title, which is commonly released twice-a-month, going back to a monthly schedule in December once the new creative team of writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Molina take over Batman.

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The Batman title will follow Bruce Wayne out of Gotham while Detective Comics will be a mostly-Batman-less Gotham City series focusing on the remaining Bat-family – much like the upcoming Gotham Knights game.

One of the first things the Bat-family will deal with is Gotham City’s replacement for Arkham Asylum, which was destroyed back in March 2021’s Infinite Frontier #0 as part of the Joker’s A-Day. The newly-christened Arkham Tower – and its new treatment methods by a mysterious Dr. Wear, whom DC has hinted is actually a returning DC villain in disguise.

Keep track of this and all the new Batman comics, graphic novels, and collections in 2021 and beyond. 

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