Battlefield 2042 update 3 includes weekly challenges and Portal additions

Battlefield 2042 update 3 is coming on December 2, bringing in new weekly missions, further customization options for Battlefield Portal, an improved collection screen, and more.

EA laid out the full patch notes for Battlefield 2042 on the game’s official site (opens in new tab). Unless you’re a hardcore Portal creator, the biggest change for you will likely be the addition of weekly missions. The first set of three missions will go live next week, and they’ll reward you with extra player XP for completing their requirements – finish the full set for a week and you’ll also unlock a cosmetic reward for your trouble.

As for Battlefield Portal, you’ll now be able to use several new game mode layouts for Rush on All-Out Warfare maps, new Builder templates, and Vehicle Team Deathmatch as a new custom mode. You can use the latter to start creating your own custom experiences using combat vehicles. New changes to the rules editor will give mode creators more flexibility, including the ability to check for what kind of damage dealt the fatal blow to a player. Melee-finishers-only zombie mode? Melee-finishers-only zombie mode.

Quality of life changes coming in the new Battlefield 2042 update include streamlined Collection menus that make it easier to tell what you have with less clicking around. The in-match user interface has also been revised to show better indicators for nearby players who could use your help, through revives, ammo, or health resupplies.

Developer DICE says “one more small update” is coming early this month with more balance changes and bug fixes, but we’ll have to wait to learn more about that.

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