The best Fortnite toys in 2022, from Funko figures to collectibles

In a twist that will surprise no-one, this absurdly popular franchise has generated an equally absurd number of Fortnite toys. Because there are so many of them, we’ve been busy listing some favorites below. Hop aboard the Battle (bargain) Bus, folks – it’s time to talk Fortnite action figures.

Broadly speaking, the best Fortnite toys can be divided into one of two camps: cheaper figures that are perfect for your kid’s toybox and premium collectibles that are made for display (in other words, the perfect gifts for gamers). The four-inch Jazwares range (opens in new tab) is ideal if you’re a younger fan thanks to their relatively affordable price, for example. They also come with loads of neat extras and are often supplied with multiple characters per-pack, giving them enviable bang for buck. Meanwhile, the more expensive Legendary Series equivalents (opens in new tab) or the McFarlane line (opens in new tab) sit at the other end of the scale. Thanks to a higher level of detail and greater articulation, these Fortnite action figures are often designed with collectors in mind.

No matter which kind of Fortnite toys you’re looking for, you’ll find some suggestions here to get you started. Our deal-hunting software is always on the lookout for discounts too, so you can be guaranteed the lowest prices on the best Fortnite merchandise.

Best Fortnite toys for kids

Fortnite toys Jazwares 4-inch action figures

(Image credit: Jazwares)

If you’re trying to track down some cheap and cheerful Fortnite toys, you’ll be relieved to hear that there’s no shortage of choice. However, Jazwares’ four-inch range (opens in new tab) is the final word on affordable Fortnite action figures.

Despite being fairly inexpensive, these toys always pack bonus items aplenty and boast more than 20 points of articulation. They’re sometimes available as multi-packs, too – these are better value for money in general.

However, and as with everything Fortnite-related, be aware that older figures may become harder to find over time. With the video game constantly churning out fresh seasons, new toys are created to represent that era’s characters – all while the previous ones are seemingly wound down.

You’ll find the lowest prices on a selection of four-inch Fortnite action figures below.

Best Fortnite toys for collectors

Fortnite toys Jazwares 6-inch Legendary Series

(Image credit: Jazwares)

As you can probably guess by the jump in price, these Fortnite toys are edging toward the premium end of the scale. Due to a taller height of six inches, Legendary Series figures (opens in new tab) are more detailed than the smaller four-inch Jazwares line. They’re more complex as well thanks to interchangeable heads, over 40 points of articulation in some cases, swappable hands or faces, and plenty of accessories. This puts them firmly into ‘display’ territory.

From our time with the wider Jazwares line, these were the figures that stood out the most – despite being more expensive than the Solo or Squad Mode models, the jump in detail was noticeable. The sculpts are crisp and well-painted, and the props they come with (not to mention the many, many points of articulation) offer loads of posing opportunities.

Sure, the McFarlane range is arguably nicer. But there’s a wider variety on offer with the Legendary brand, so they win out if you’re a collector.

You can check out the latest offers on the Legendary Series Fortnite action figures right here.

Best Fortnite toy gifts

Fortnite toys

(Image credit: Funko)

Much like the video game itself, Funko has staged a world takeover in the past few years. It seems to have a figure for everything nowadays, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a toy store that doesn’t sell at least some of the best Funko POPs. Naturally, that includes Fortnite toys. 

More than a few models are on offer right now, and you can always guarantee that more will land on shelves to ring in a new season. As such, they’re good options if you need to buy a present for a Fortnite-obsessed loved one. Plus, they’re stylized enough to suit any age-group – kids and grown-ups alike should be happy to receive them.

Because they tend to be some of the cheapest figures on this list, Fortnite Funko toys come highly recommended if you don’t want to break the bank too. On a budget or looking for something low-key to show off your fandom? Funko POP Vinyls are top-drawer.

Deals for Fortnite Funko POP figures are available below.

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