Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 release date and Halloween modes revealed

Call of Duty: Mobile season 9: Nightmare has been revealed, and its subtitle has the whole thing pretty much covered.

The next season of the iOS and Android exclusive Call of Duty game will go live on Tuesday, October 21 at 5 pm PDT / 8 pm EDT / October 22 at 1 am BST. The Halloween-themed season will bring back Undead Siege with new updates, a special Trick or Treat themed event, and the debut of Drop Zone in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Nightmare will also bring in a new draw featuring the Saw films’ Billy the Puppet, as well as other items themed after the horror series. A teaser trailer for the crossover features a bathtub, a chained-up leg, and a hacksaw, so you can probably imagine where this is going.

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The returning Undead Siege will feature dynamic zombie spawns for both casual and hard mode, with more zombie types to battle in casual mode. This year the undead festivities take place on the Isolated Battle Royale map, and Activision is teasing a bumper crop of “zombies and turret-related Easter eggs, stories, and more” to discover throughout the map while it’s Halloween time.

Beyond battle royale, the Hovec Sawmill map from Modern Warfare will make its debut in Call of Duty: Mobile when season 9 arrives, and the Halloween Standoff map will return as well. Other Halloween-y modes include 10v10 Pumpkin Confirmed and your new zombie pals in Blackout.

Elsewhere in Call of Duty’s autumnal countryside, Warzone brought back Ghostface for a Scream-worthy Haunting trailer.

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