Call of Duty Vanguard rifle briefly available in Warzone

One of the weapons from Call of Duty: Vanguard was briefly accessible in Warzone, giving sneaky players a chance to try the future (or past) of CoD weaponry.

Call of Duty Warzone streamer JGOD shared a clip on his Twitter account that shows him wielding an StG 44, a German assault rifle and one of the most prominent Call of Duty Vanguard guns that players got to try out in the beta last month. While we know that Warzone will head back to World War 2 to keep pace with Vanguard eventually, this little time capsule was clearly opened before its time.

A little surprised I was actually able to use the Vanguard STG in WarzoneGain access using private matches, no weapon inspect though sadly 7, 2021

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JGOD says he was able to get his hands on the STG44 by using Warzone private matches, and while the rifle comes kitted out with a magnifying scope, it doesn’t support the weapon inspect feature. Activision seems to have removed the time-traveling gun trick soon after it was discovered.

Call of Duty Warzone season 6 kicks off today, and one of the big changes it makes to Verdansk is the unearthing of World War 2-era bunkers beneath the city. Perhaps we’ll be able to find the STG44 and other period-appropriate weaponry once we head down there? That would explain why the gun showed up in Warzone’s back end so early, but we won’t have to wait much longer to find out for sure.

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