Call of Duty: Warzones latest invisible skin has been wrecking matches for weeks

Another Call of Duty: Warzone invisible skin glitch surfaced several weeks ago and has been stealing matches ever since.

As Charlie Intel (opens in new tab) notes, the Awoken Francis skin awarded at rank 100 of Warzone’s paid season 1 battle pass renders players completely invisible at medium range and beyond. Barring a floating mask – a small target that’s tough to see and even tougher to shoot – Awoken Francis straight-up disappears, allowing for unfair ambushes and easy kills. 

That latest season of Warzone began in early December, but the Awoken Francis skin didn’t become a true nuisance until more people began to purchase and max out the battle pass. But it’s safe to say players have been getting killed by invisible enemies for several weeks at this point, making this the most oppressive exploit in Warzone’s curiously rich history of unintentional invisibility.

The invisible Awoken Francis skin arrived at just the wrong time: right before most of the folks at Raven Software went home for the holidays, and right on the heels of an ongoing strike from Raven’s quality assurance department protesting abrupt layoffs announced in December. And that’s on top of the ongoing Activision Blizzard lawsuit which has already disrupted and slowed work across multiple projects under the publisher. 

Raven has yet to publicly acknowledge this invisible skin or announce a fix for it, but given the ongoing controversy surrounding it, it’s safe to assume it’ll be near the top of the studio’s to-do list once everyone’s back from their holidays. We’ve reached out to the studio for more information and will update our reporting if we hear back. 

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