All Warzone Secrets of the Pacific locations and event intel

The Call of Duty Warzone Secrets of the Pacific locations aren’t easy to find, with six separate event items and intel to interact with spread across the whole of Verdansk. But with special rewards and an exclusive Call of Duty Warzone Blueprint in the mix, not to mention some idea of what to expect from the upcoming Caldera map, we’ve laid out where to find all the Secrets of the Pacific intel locations and how you can uncover them in Verdansk. 

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All Warzone Secrets of the Pacific locations

Warzone secrets of the pacific

(Image credit: Activision)

There are six Secrets of the Pacific to find, each one at a set place (sort of) in the Verdansk map. Warzone provides some information on how to find them, with a blurry photo, cryptic description and a little challenge name that all serve as a hint of where to look. But for those who can’t do detective work and shoot people at the same time, we’ll lay them out below, and explain how to find them. What you’re looking for are various archaic items that, when approached, give you the prompt to “collect intel”.

  1. Jailbreak: In the Prison. Go in through the sewer entrance and up into the shower room modelled after the Gulag on the very West edge of the building. Right next to the open hole above the sewer entrance is a bench with a ping pong bat resting on it. That’s your last target.
  2. Abandoned: A box of dynamite sticks in the mine west of the Airport. It’s placed on some machinery, deeper inside the mine than you might expect, right on the western border of the map. Use the zipline to drop down from the building above into the old mines.
  3. Fast Food: Inside the Airport itself, in the fast food restaurant on the west side of the building. Interact with the cash register on the counter to get the intel.
  4. Secrets: This one’s tricky – as you can see from the map, there’s three different locations for this one. That’s because it appears in any of the three existing Warzone Bunker locations, but as we understand it, not all at once. Check all three for the best chance of finding it, where it’ll be by some model ships on a tabletop next to a chalkboard covered in formulae.
  5. On the Air: In the square building – the electronics shop – just south of the western tip of the Promenade train station. Basically, go to the far left of the station, look directly south, and you’ll see it. Go inside and there’ll be a blue typewriter on the counter with a microphone next to it. The mic is your intel point.
  6. On Your Feet: This one’s in the hospital. Specifically, go into the huge building just south of the main hospital tower. On the ground floor, find the ward blue walls and a green-sheeted bed. On the bed itself is an antiquated-looking blue medical kit.

However, finding the items is not enough. Once you collect one, you need to survive long enough for that intel to be registered… or something. Basically, you have to survive either one contraction of the safe space on the map, or until the end of the game, whichever happens first. Do that and that specific challenge is completed! Fail and get killed before that, and you’ll be forced to restart. Once you have the intel then, it’s very important to play cautiously and carefully.

Secrets of the Pacific rewards

Warzone secrets of the pacific

(Image credit: Activision)

Each challenge and found item has its own reward, and there’s a collective reward – a unique weapon blueprint – for finding them all. You can check them all in the main menu of Warzone, and we’ve got them all laid out below for you too.

  1. Jailbreak: Marina Street (Calling Card)
  2. Abandoned: Familiar Machinery (Spray)
  3. Fast Food: Volcanic Souvenir (Charm)
  4. Secrets: Hospital Resort (Calling Card)
  5. On the Air: Local Radio (Emblem)
  6. On Your Feet: Naval Plan (Sticker)

For finding all six, or for completing the corroborating Vanguard challenges instead, players can unlock a new weapon blueprint: the Bomber Menace, a blueprint for the STG44, one of the Call of Duty Vanguard best weapons.

When does Secrets of the Pacific end?

Warzone secrets of the pacific locations

(Image credit: Activision)

The Warzone Secrets of the Pacific event lasts until December 7th, whereupon we’ll apparently get another, shorter event explained on our page for the upcoming Warzone Pacific map. This will then lead into Caldera, marking what might be the end of Verdansk – at least for the foreseeable future.

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